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Ear Moulds


With customised solutions from a variety of manufacturers, you can prevent hearing damage and protect your quality of life. Each set of moulds is tailored to fit the individual and therefore allows for maximum protection and comfort.

Our range caters for a variety of applications and noise levels.


Ideal for anyone who works or plays in and around music such as directors, performers, front-of-house, entertainment industry security and staff, concert and club goers.

They are made to perfection using techniques which allow clarity of sound to pass through the filter, while still blocking out damaging noise levels.

Protection from sustained music as well as sudden, loud percussive sounds.


The filters are vented to allow sound to pass both ways which means that remaining sound can escape directly through the filter providing one of the most natural sounding earplugs available.

Our plugs can ensure motorcyclists and helmet users can hear and speak in comfort. For covert use, rider-to-pillion communication, rider-to-rider radio or Bluetooth systems.


Ideal for anyone with exposure to loud noises such as power tools, machinery, trucks or construction equipment and want both maximum protection from loud impact noise and natural hearing when no background noise is present.

Auto activation of hearing protection or sound amplification technologies are available (for improving awareness of surroundings).


The sound of gunfire can permanently damage your hearing in milliseconds. It is essential to use the correct high performance protection plugs in order to prevent irreversible damage.

Our moulds range from solid earplugs, to electronic plugs that can shutdown momentarily when the gun fires, or even thermal technology which blocks out high frequencies only. Allowing normal conversation to be heard.


Protection from infection, pressure equalisation trouble and swimmer's ear is easy with swim plugs.

And because our swim plugs use a special floating material, you won't lose them if you take them out in the water.

Available in exciting colours, colour swirls and with your favourite image, swimming has never been so bright!


Sleep plugs are crafted to comfortably reduce noises that may prevent sleep, such as snoring or travel noise.

For additional comfort, sleep plugs are made from extra-soft "Powersil" silicone that flexes to accommodate any movement of the ear on the pillow during sleep.


Standard earbuds leak sound. External noise can enter the ear, disrupt music, resulting in less listening pleasure and higher volumes to compensate. Louder volumes can severely damage hearing.

Custom music buds create a perfect seal to block unwanted external noise, resulting in better music at lower, safer volumes. And because they're tailored to your ears, they are super comfortable.


Solid moulds do not have a filter. They are comfortable to wear, and offer a great source of protection against high frequency noise for everyday use or tasks.

For example, for those working in nightclubs as bartenders or bouncers.

We have discounts available for multiple orders, e.g. swimming, motorcycle or shooting clubs. Get in contact today and we can arrange an audiologist to visit you at your club to take custom impressions of your ear!

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