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Occupation Health Service Provision

Industrial Assessments

Do you work or run a workplace that is considered noisy?

Improve the safety of the work environment. Hearing Aid Solutions can take a snapshot of employers and employees hearing for a baseline measurement reading for protection.

Have they already been affected by hearing loss? Are they close or likely to be so in future? Protect your company against future expensive litigation.

We can assess environments for potential damaging noise in long term exposure. Recommended safety limits are that any workplace with noise levels of 85dB must provide and wear adequate protection.

Industrial Moulds

Several protection moulds are available. From basic custom built silicon moulds, to filtered moulds which protect you from damaging levels, but retain clarity of speech in noise.



Custom ear plugs are made to measure to the user’s ear canal. They don’t fall out and provide the wearer with unparalleled comfort. Many types can be washed for use over and over again.

Proper Insertion

Custom ear plugs are easy to insert. Proper insertion is essential to maximise attenuation. Field studies have revealed that plastic or foam plugs are often inserted improperly, and therefore, provide less than published mean attenuation levels.

Consistent Performance

Because of their moulded design custom ear plugs provide consistent performance over time. Each time a custom plug is inserted the same mean attenuation is attainable. Foam plugs rapidly lose their attenuation strength as they are exposed to ear wax, dirt, the natural oil on hands.

Superior Value

Custom plugs have an expected life span of three years. Used just 10 times a year their cost per use is less than the foam plugs bought in pharmacies or music stores.

The wearer can feel isolated or have an unwillingness to wear them if the moulds do not fit properly, or block out too much noise.

  • Ensure that hearing protection is effective
  • Side effects of long term exposure can be poor attendance, depression, tinnitus and sudden loss or other conditions