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Welcome To Hearing Aid Solutions

An Award-Winning, Independent, Family-Run Hearing Practice

Martyn giving his opening address at AIHHP
Martyn giving his opening address as the Chair of AIHHP

Hearing Aid Solutions is an independent, family-run hearing practice with centres across the whole of South & West Wales.

At national award-winning Hearing Aid Solutions, we pride ourselves on the care and attention given to each client we see.

Our comprehensive award-winning aftercare service includes unlimited programming, adjustments, cleaning and servicing.

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At Hearing Aid Solutions we provide a range of award-winning services including: hearing tests, ear wax removal, tinnitus assessments and noise protection.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We have been awarded Commendation Winners SIX TIMES in the European Audiologist of the Year Awards.

Martyn has only recently been preceded as Chair of AIHHP. This is the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals.

To be a part of AIHHP, you must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and service.

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Martyn performing wax removal
Martyn performing ear wax removal
The Hearing Aid Solutions Team
The Hearing Aid Solutions Team @ 2019 AIHHP Awards

We are an independent practice, which means we are not tied to, or owned by a large manufacturer, unlike the big national companies.

This gives you choice, and allows us to offer you a wide range of hearing aid sizes and types, from all the brands you see below, not just one or two.

Hearing Aid Solutions have three full clinics in Carmarthen, Llanelli and Cardiff. We're also based in six satellite centres across South & West Wales.

You can be sure we are never too far away.

For our full list of centres and their addresses, please click here.

I would like to thank Martyn, Ryan and the team at Hearing Aid Solutions in Carmarthen for their assistance in consultation, fitting and follow-ups with the supply of my hearing aids, which have allowed me to return to work doing the job I love as a police dog handler.

The expertise, professionalism and dedication you showed me gave me the confidence to rely on the equipment supplied and in learning to adapt.

  • PC320, Police Dog Handler

Dear Martyn,

It is two months since you fitted my Oticon Delta 8 hearing aids and I felt I should let you know how they are working for me.
As you know I had been happy with my previous Oticon CIC aids, but there has been a great improvement in my overall hearing with my new Oticon Delta 8.
The first advantage is that I was able to walk into your establishment and leave with new aids, having first had a test run around town.
This is of course because of the new technology: the speaker being held in those soft plastic inserts that fit right in the ear, thereby eliminating the need for individually fitted hard moulds. An added benefit of these soft inserts is that I don't get the itchiness or occasional infections that the hard plastic inserts sometimes caused.
The main advantage though is the improvement in my hearing ability. Conversations are no longer interrupted with my having to say 'pardon' or 'can you repeat that again please'.
I am able to hear people in noisy conditions, even with multiple conversations going on around me. I still have to concentrate quite hard but with my old hearing aids it was impossible to hear in these situations.
Hearing radio and television has also improved considerably. I can even hear, and understand, the radio with a hair-dryer going on in the same room!
I haven't been to the cinema or theatre as yet, a combination of many summer visitors and living far away from both, but am hopeful that enjoyment of these will be equally improved.
Going back to that test run I mentioned above, I remember clearly when I first went outside into King Street, I said to Joanne, 'This is not a good day to test them, it's really quiet'. She replied 'No it isn't, it's the same as any other day'.
I was astounded when I realised that the traffic was just as bad as normal; I could hear it, but I could also hear Joanne even when was walking ahead of me. It was strange; somehow everything seemed quieter and yet I could hear better. This, I assume, is because of the Delta's ability to differentiate much better between background noise and conversation.
  •   Ian Hurst

I have had contact and dealings with Hearing Aid Solutions on a professional basis and a personal basis.

They have been holding hearing assessment sessions, in connection with their business, based at one of my surgery premises and have shown themselves to be highly professional, courteous and dependable.

I am a hearing aid user and was expecting significant difficulties with my previous hearing aids, so I availed myself of their services.

My experience has been excellent in all regards, starting with the initial assessment of my hearing and needs, explanation of available devices and help with choosing the most appropriate for my hearing loss.

Having chosen the aids I wanted, I was given excellent explanation and assistance during the setup process. Follow up care has again been excellent. My new hearing aids are amazing and this has honestly been 'life-changing' for me.

I am able to function again in so many situations that I previously could not and if this change had not occurred for me I might well have had to retire from general practice.

I am extremely grateful to this company and would highly recommend them.

  • Dr Richard Jones, The Cowbridge and Western Vale Group Practice

I just wanted to let you know that my Aunt had her new hearing aid fitted on Friday and she is absolutely delighted.

Martin was so personable and he immediately made her feel at ease, which helped enormously.

The service provided by Martyn and Odette was first class and I will certainly recommend them to friends, family and colleagues.

  • Helen James, NHS Wales

I am 100% satisfied with the services and products you have provided me with. Gareth the Audiologist is so professional at his job, and nothing seems too much trouble for him.

I would certainly without any doubt recommend yourselves to anyone needing hearing aids.

  • Mrs W Haines

Excellent and very considerate service given by Mrs Foster.

  • Mr Barrett, Milford Haven

Since receiving my hearing aids, it is now a pleasure to watch TV and mix with people and join in conversation.

  • Mrs H Davies, Crosshands

Very pleased and shall come to Hearing Aid Solutions for all my hearing problems in the future.

  • Mrs C Richards, Pontardulais

Thank you. Your advice and support have made a substantial difference to me. Diolch yn fawr.

  • Mrs G Stephens

I am 100% satisfied with the services and products you have provided me with. Gareth the audiologist is so professional at his job, and nothing seems too much trouble for him.

I would certainly without any doubt recommend yourselves to anyone needing hearing aids.

  • Anonymous

An excellent product, although I am aware it will take some time to get used to.

  • Mr V Gooding

Excellent service. Very polite and helpful personnel.

  • Mrs P Jones

I am very pleased with the attention received and wish I had invested in a system years ago.

  • Mr K Davies

You can not quantify the cost of your hearing loss. The Phonak aids I bought are worth the money. I have an interest in socialising again.

  • Mrs M G Phillips

Having my hearing aids makes a big difference. I was so pleased with the help I received from Ms S Foster and the follow on care.

  • Mrs Brown, Haverfordwest

One thing I found really good about your service was having found I could not get on with the first type of hearing aid, I was given an alternative with no problem whatsoever. The new hearing aid is working just fine.

  • Anonymous 

When I first enquired about hearing aids I was put off by the price. As soon as I walked out into the street after having them fitted I knew it was a good investment. I became much more aware of my surroundings.

  • Anonymous

Will you please tell Claire I have no problems and everything is 100%. Good news for me - I have my confidence back on track, it's me telling people don't shout! Thank you Claire.

  • Thelma Thomas

Sarah was wonderful, dealing with me sensitively and extremely competently. Thank you very much.

  • Mrs J Roberts

Been to the clinic twice, 14 months apart. I am now on their database for annual check ups. I can only compliment the service I receive and the way the procedure is carried out. A big thank you to all at Llanelli branch. It is so difficult when your hearing is impaired, as I wear 2 hearing aids. Again, many thanks.

R Giffard

I just wanted to thank the Carmarthen team for their prompt, courteous and professional service. I had travelled to Pembrokeshire on holiday and I needed urgent attention for a completely blocked ear which would have otherwise spoilt my holiday. I was offered an appointment to suit me and a s a result, this wonderful team addressed my problem and I was able to carry on and enjoy our family holiday. Well done team.

P John


M Owen

Martyn and Pippa both provided an excellent service when I recently had an ear wax build up removed. They were friendly and informative throughout the whole process. I would not hesitate to recommend Hearing Aid Solutions.


Great service, really friendly staff. Very pleased with being able to hear properly again! Good Covid precautions too.

Allan Smith

I must say that the Hearing Aid Solutions branch in Canton, Cardiff is absolutely amazing and fantastic. I received brilliant service and treatment today. The lady on reception and the audiologist were very friendly, welcoming and accommodating - they are both really nice, warm genuine people. The treatment I received for my ear wax removal was first class. Thank you so much. I thoroughly recommend Hearing Aid Solutions to anyone.

Graham Steele

First time having ear wax removed - they were very nice, friendly and informative. I recommend to anyone with wax and/or hearing problems.

Joe Thompson

Highly recommend! Very friendly and welcoming staff which made the whole experience! I can now hear better which is fantastic. Thank you for your help, I will definitely be back if needed.

Emily Westcar

I can thoroughly recommend Hearing Aid Solutions Cardiff. I have been visiting them since early in 2017 and their specialist knowledge, attention to detail, and customer service are consistently outstanding.

The staff are always friendly, welcoming  and their audiologists are very experienced. I have always highly valued their independent advice, and their guidance on purchasing a state of the art pair of hearing aids. The follow up customer care has truly wonderful, and even though I now live in Oxfordshire, I still visit them for all my hearing requirements and will continue to do so.

It is so refreshing to find such great service from a family run business these days, and they deserve very high praise indeed.

Colin Sharman


I have been using Hearing Aid Solutions for over 4 years and the service they offer is absolutely first class. Martyn and his team are incredibly professional and through their care, not only has my ability to hear improved significantly but my general ear health is so much better. The lovely Linda is also very helpful and welcoming. Thoroughly recommend.

C Evans


Absolutely wonderful service. They got the job done and were very considerate and polite. Will definitely come here again!

Ian Shelley


Excellent service and great advice. Highly recommend!

Michael Tuohy

Very professional, excellent consultation. Good advice on aftercare.

Stephanie Barcoe

Very appreciative to have found this amazing clinic. Been taking my daughter to Hearing Aid Solutions for her wax removal the last few times and the staff and service there are outstanding. Wonderful, friendly and helpful staff who make you feel comfortable and try to meet individual needs.

The procedure itself is very professional and hygienic. Unlike the previous audiology clinic we went to, Hearing Aid Solutions provide the brilliant service of showing you the inside of your ears after the irrigation/syringing so you can be reassured that it has been thoroughly cleaned out. Highly recommend.

Isma Begum

Very good, friendly service from all staff. Job of wax removal expertly done by Holly with no pain or after effects. Highly recommend.

Les Peard

First class, professional and excellent service. Fitted me in very last minute and made my hearing x 10 times batter. Staff were so welcoming, informative and friendly. Couldn't recommend more.

Hannah Morris

Thank you both for a wonderful experience. My ears were badly blocked but you managed to clear the wax from both ears. It feels really good to hear properly again.

Tom Ireland

Very professional staff. Procedure explained step by step. Would definitely use again if required.

Liz Smith

Really friendly and informative staff. Was in and out quickly. Would 100% use again!

Dan M

Outstanding customer care and technical knowledge.

P Herbert

Really friendly, helpful and genuine staff. Great value for money and great service. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Jamie Easterbrook

My first visit to Hearing Aid Solutions. They were friendly, helpful and efficient. Everything was explained and the service was excellent. I shall certainly go back again in the future.


Went here with blocked ears and pressure build up. Wasn't sure of the problem and wasn't getting anywhere with the NHS. Within a few minutes I had a diagnosis and was given the right treatment. Even just after a day or so there has been a massive improvement and all it cost me was £11. Great, friendly and professional staff and very helpful.

Kerry Evans

Since receiving my hearing aids the aftercare service has been second to none.

A Hendry

Very friendly staff.

C Davies

I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone, in particular Sarah Foster.

B Mall

Your services are excellent. Martyn Scott has the patience of a saint. He went far and beyond to get my hearing aids to perfection. Thank you all so very much for helping me get a better quality of life.

M Coombes

Very friendly staff. Lady who performed wax removal very knowledgeable & helpful. Shall call in again wen necessary.

Mike Roderick

I find your back up extremely good. I'm made to feel that my hearing is as important to you as it is for me.

M Sanday

I would like to thank the whole team for their professionalism in dealing with a very personal disability and their understanding of the problems. This is such a friendly practice and a pleasure to deal with.

A H.

My experience has been a very positive transformation. Like many other users I expect, I didn't have any idea how much of the sound spectrum I had lost until I got it all back. Amazing!


Thank you Holly for the excellent microsuction in your Llanelli branch on 10th January 2022. I would not hesitate to recommend you. In fact, my grandson came in last week and was terrified, but he was reassured and now has normal hearing. Thank you again.

Pauline John

May I first congratulate you on your staff, very courteous and polite. I actually saw Natasha who did an excellent job. She was very professional in her work with plenty of patience and care. I am more than pleased with the end result and have and will recommend you to everyone. I thank you again, money well spent.

Darryl Lee

Excellent in all respects. A clear understanding of my Tinnitus issues. Exemplary - far better than Boots or the NHS.

Mrs Walker

Excellent service, excellent product 10/10.

K R Morgan

Excellent Service.

Jean Davies

Thank You!

P Judge

I have been very impressed and completely satisfied with the knowledgeable and professional service I received, and advice given. I'm sure the future service and support I receive will be of the same standard. 

R Elward

I have been fortunate to have my hearing aids bought for me as I think the cost would have prevented me being able to afford them. On saying that, I very much liked that fact that I could borrow a pair of aids to try first as this did really help with the decision to buy in the end. The service has been excellent with the audiologist being very understanding. No amount of visits are too much rouble. It's made all the difference.

I had the procedure yesterday (15/2/22). My hearing is back to normal and so far everything seems fine, no complications. The lady who performed the treatment was patient, and appeared to be very thorough. Many thanks!

Mr C John

I have had some difficulty in finding a comfortable mould! Mike has been a good support to me. His service is excellent.

P Seward

Throughout the many visits my mum had with Holly, we could not fault her professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the customer's needs. She is a delight! A credit to the company.

E M Jones

I attended your practice in Cowbridge Road, Cardiff on the 8th March. Was very impressed with service and caring attention. Would recommend and have no fears of going again.

Mr L Hancock

Excellent. First class service, second to none. Highly recommend.

Mr C Beynon

I had both ears microsuctioned here and was extremely happy with the welcome and service received. Every step of the procedure was fully explained to me, leaving me feeling comfortable with the procedure. I can highly recommend Hearing Aid Solutions.

Sian Davies

I was very impressed with the treatment of removing ear wax and the professional, informative treatment. Highly recommend.

Vivian James

Excellent, professional service. Aftercare is superb. A caring company. Thank you so much.

D Pemberton

Good back up and after sales service.

D Blackmore

Holly was very polite, professional and clear in her advice.

J N Harries

I was very apprehensive prior to my visit to your Cardiff centre, but was quickly put at ease by Holly and her colleague. Everything was explained in a clear manner and the whole procedure was painless, quick and thorough. Will not have any hesitations if I have to return in the future. A first class service that I can fully recommend.

Susan Hart

Staff are friendly and knowledgeable and put you at ease.

C Tappin

Despite feeling nervous I was treated with a friendly and professional approach which put me at ease. The outcome of the treatment I had was completely successful. All in all very satisfactory and well worth the cost. Thank you.

David Hartwell

An excellent service throughout. Thank you.

L Garrett

Excellent service provided by experienced staff on the 10th June which resolved my hearing problems in both ears. The procedure was fully explained which relaxed me during the process. Would highly commend the professionalism of this independent practice.

John C Porter

I highly recommend Hearing Aid Solutions.

John Jones

I am absolutely delighted with my hearing aids. Form the first appointment with Mike the audiologist, the service has been exemplary. Plus the office personnel are very friendly and welcoming. I will certainly recommend the company to my friends.

Janet Clay

Yes, you have it all - Solutions to hearing aid problems!

Mr A Osborn

Our head office in Carmarthen.

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