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We offer higher quality testing than is normally found on the high street, using the latest technology and techniques.

We have the largest range of hearings aids coupled with independent advice to provide you with the best quality & service available.


The modern, safe, effective, pain free and syringe free method of cleaning ears.

Having this excess material removed by a hearing professional can restore a person's hearing dramatically and alleviate a number of problems.


Hearing Aid Solutions have the only independent qualified tinnitus management service in Wales.

We have different strategies that can be put into place to help each individual on their journey to ensure tinnitus is not taking over their lives.


Hearing Aid Solutions provides a wide range of ear moulds & monitors to ensure you have sufficient hearing protection.

Whether you are a musician, shooting enthusiast, motorcyclist or just work in a noisy environment, we have you covered.


GO Local. GO Independent. BE Happy!


WEST WALES - 01267 221 977

SOUTH WALES - 02920 231 999


Hearing Aid Solutions is an independent, family-owned and run hearing company with centres across the whole of South & West Wales.

At national award winning Hearing Aid Solutions we pride ourselves on the care and attention given to each client we see, including a comprehensive aftercare service, including cleaning, programming and all adjustments.

Fully qualified to carry out Micro Suction and Endoscopic wax removal for all those who may have excessive ear wax.

We have a fully equipped Tinnitus Management Centre to provide comprehensive relief and support for those who are suffering from this condition.

Voted Commendation Winners for European Audiologist of the Year Award in 2016, 2014, 2010, 2009 & 2008!


The only practice in Wales to achieve this.

Proud to be Independent

Unlike our competitors, we're not tied to any manufacturers and therefore able to offer you the ultimate choice and fit that is right for you.


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