Earwax Removal

Professional earwax removal in Carmarthen, Cardiff, Haverfordwest & Llanelli

ear wax removal

A blocked ear can be uncomfortable, isolating and painful.

How do we remove earwax?

Our experts perform earwax removal via micro suction (a gentle vacuum), irrigation (using water) or the use of gentle sterile instruments.
We may use a combination methods.

How much does it cost?

Our earwax removal costs £50 for one ear, or £70 for both. If there is no wax present, we charge £20 for the consultation. We may do further testing should we find that your ears are clear when you arrive.
Should you need a second appointment if the wax is too stubborn, we charge £25.

See what our clients say:

Wolf SchadebergWolf Schadeberg
16:26 23 Feb 24
Very professional service. I had wax removed from both ears. Highly recommended!
Delun EvansDelun Evans
17:25 20 Feb 24
Steve GillSteve Gill
13:08 20 Feb 24
First time at the new premises in Carmarthen and, as previously, it was a totally good experience and great service.
Deborah DaviesDeborah Davies
09:21 20 Feb 24
Laura NealLaura Neal
15:35 17 Feb 24
I have been coming to the practice in Carmarthen for nearly 5 years and I'm always made to feel welcome, everyone is friendly and so professional and the micro suction they do is great even when I’m having the treatment I’m always made to feel comfortable.Thank you
18:00 16 Feb 24
Quick appointment.Both Kate and Tasha were pleasant,helpful and efficient.both ears cleared of compacted wax. First class service.
Malcom PowellMalcom Powell
21:08 08 Feb 24
Excellent experience.My wax build up was dealt with so competently and now my hearing has been restored.The staff were engaged and extremely sympathetic and courteous.I would not hesitate to choose Hearing Aid Solutions for any hearing problems.
19:53 08 Feb 24
Exceptional professional service, from this family run company. Personal service with the absolute best care and attention at every appointment. No hesitation in recommending your service and products to any potential clients.
Stephen BirnieStephen Birnie
17:18 06 Feb 24
I presented requesting removal of earwax blockage, but with the complication of a slight infection in my right ear. Tasha & Mike provided me with a friendly, professional and sensitive service achieving a good result. They gave guidance on getting treatment from my GP for the infection and on returning for further attention once that was over. Very happy with the service.
Martin O'TooleMartin O'Toole
11:07 12 Jan 24
I have used Hearing Aid Solutions on many ocasions, and I have always found the service professional and the staff very welcoming! I have no hesitation in recommending them for any Hearing requirements! Always a first class service!
Artur DikunArtur Dikun
09:36 10 Jan 24
Thank you for the professional work and fast service and the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes. I recommend
Wade ZaneWade Zane
12:04 24 Dec 23
The service was absolutely brilliant. I have had issues with one of my ears since a child and have been unable to obtain regular support and service from the NHS. Tasha took a lot of time explaining what she could find, explaining clearly the inner workings, and I came away for the first time understanding about the ear and the issues I face and encounter. Tasha was clear, precise and reassuring. I have never received a better service in this kind of setting - The function to be able to use a camera in which the client can see what is being done is just absolutely gold. The reception staff equally are friendly and professional. It really was important to me to receive this level of service after so many issues beforehand - I really am thankful!For the money it costs it is well worth investing in, especially at current with health service waiting times.I have booked to go back!Thanks once again Tasha!
David HendryDavid Hendry
07:34 21 Dec 23
Another excellent experience at Hearing Aid Solutions in Carmarthen. Such a wonderful team who do a fantastic job.
Lonan mag FhogartaighLonan mag Fhogartaigh
16:23 04 Dec 23
Staff always very friendly and helpful.
Beverley EdwardsBeverley Edwards
12:50 13 Nov 23
No waiting time for the appointment. Very thorough and friendly with the investigation in a bright, clean office in Clynderwen. Felt so at ease and was treated with respect and understanding due to my age. Initiated a follow up appointment and a referral to my GP.
Chrissie HillChrissie Hill
18:01 16 Aug 23
A great experience having wax removed from both ears as I have never had it done with the suction method before. My appointment was on time and the lady was really friendly and gentle. It was interesting to be able to see inside my ears before and after the wax was removed.
Jacqui BowenJacqui Bowen
13:55 10 Aug 23
I attended Hearing Aid Solutions Carmarthen for the 1st time today for ear wax removal & cannot recommend Martin highly enough! He was kind, friendly, patient & professional - he definitely knows what he’s doing. I have previously had ear wax removed by Furnace House surgery many years ago but the Doctors surgeries are no longer offering this service hence I went to Hearing Aid Solutions & it’s the best decision I’ve made - £80 for both ears, money well spent. Thank you Martin!

Your earwax removal appointment

ear wax removal

Medical History

Your Audiologist will take a brief medical history in relation to your ears.


Your ears will be examined and images recorded using a video otoscope, and you will be able to see the images of the inside of your ears on a screen.


The earwax removal process will be explained to you thoroughly throughout.


The earwax removal procedure will be performed using the methods described by the Audiologist.


Once complete, we will take another set of images of your ears, using our video otoscope, so you can see your healthy ear drums!

Follow Up

In some circumstances, we may not be able to remove all the wax in one session. In which case you will be advised and booked in for a second session at a reduced cost of £25.

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Earwax removal FAQs

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