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Benefits of Real Ear Measurements (REMs)

By Hearing Aid Solutions | August 8, 2022

What are the benefits of performing Real Ear Measurements (REMs) on all our hearing aid fittings? Less than 30% of hearing care providers use Real Ear Measurements (REMs). However, at Hearing Aid Solutions, we use it 100% of the time. Why?  Real Ear Measurements allows the audiologist to verify that hearing aids are amplifying sound […] Read More

We’ve been shortlisted for Family Business of the Year 2022!

By Hearing Aid Solutions | March 11, 2022

Hearing Aid Solutions are delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for Family Business of the Year 2022! This is the best news we could have received on a Friday afternoon! Being nominated for Family Business of the Year 2022 means all of our hard work throughout the pandemic has paid off! We can’t wait […] Read More

Tinnitus Week 2022

By Hearing Aid Solutions | February 2, 2022

Tinnitus Week 2022 Tinnitus Week is taking place from 7-13 February. The British Tinnitus Association will be sharing more and telling you how you can get involved, over the coming days so please do keep checking their website for more information. The British Tinnitus Association already have downloadable assets available for you to share on […] Read More

10 Winter Hearing Aid Care Tips

By Hearing Aid Solutions | January 13, 2022

Caring for hearing aids in winter Winter — especially in places where it gets bitterly cold — can be tough on a lot of things. But it doesn’t need to be hard on hearing aids, so long as you keep in mind a few things to do — and not do — when wearing hearing aids […] Read More

King St will no longer be pedestrianised!

By Hearing Aid Solutions | September 15, 2021

A Carmarthenshire County Council plan that discriminated against those with mobility issues by pedestrianising the road has been scrapped! King Street will no longer be pedestrianised from 10AM – 4PM daily. Hooray! Our clients can now be dropped off and picked up at the door anytime of day. Call us now to book an appointment! […] Read More

What to do if you think you have hearing loss

By Hearing Aid Solutions | July 9, 2021

Most people who have hearing loss aren’t born with it. Instead, it creeps up on us over time, usually caused by exposure to loud noises, aging, or some combination of the two. Statistics show that the prevalence of hearing loss doubles for every decade of life, which explains why one out of three people 65-74 have hearing loss, […] Read More

Healthy hearing improves overall health

By Hearing Aid Solutions | June 22, 2021

People can now expect to live longer than ever before. Yet as we live longer lives, it’s important that we age well and continue to live healthy lives. Hearing well plays a vital role in this. Hearing loss has been directly linked to several chronic disabling conditions such as cognitive decline, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, […] Read More

The connection between diabetes and hearing loss

By Hearing Aid Solutions | April 22, 2021

The relationship between hearing loss and diabetes has long been debated. But research now concludes that hearing loss is more prevalent in adults with diabetes. One research study included data from participants ranging in age from 20 to 69. Important information they found: People with diabetes were 2x more likely to have hearing loss than […] Read More

We will be open throughout Wales’ firebreak lockdown

By Hearing Aid Solutions | October 22, 2020

As Hearing Aid Solutions offer an essential service, we are pleased to say that we will be open throughout the Welsh firebreak lockdown. Any appointments made prior to the announcement are still going ahead. You are still legally allowed to travel to your appointment even if the area is in a local lockdown too. If […] Read More

We’ve been here to help you throughout lockdown!

By Hearing Aid Solutions | September 17, 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, the Hearing Aid Solutions team has been by your side to help and support your hearing. Since lockdown in March, Martyn & Pippa – husband and wife – have been in the office taking calls, servicing aids and solving problems. We’ve been here for you throughout. In June, we safely re-opened […] Read More