The 2024 Which Report for Hearing Aids

Best hearing aid providers 2024

Choosing the right hearing aids is a complex process with so many factors to consider.  Should you buy your hearing aids privately or go through the NHS service?  How much should you be paying for them and what providers have the best service?  What better way to find out than through the Which? report’s 2024 statistics?

To obtain these results they surveyed over 1,572 of their customers to give consumers a better idea of the best hearing aid providers out there.  Digital hearing aid users were asked about their experiences with different retailers with questions about which outlets offer the best hearing tests, the greatest choice of product, and who offers the best value for money.

Latest Which Report on Hearing Aids 2024

which report

Which Report 2024

Local independent retailers come first again

As with the last three Which Report publications before this one, local independent audiologists come top.  This survey shows that independent practices like us are rated the highest by hearing aid consumers – coming in at 86%.

Which Report 2024 Ratings for Independents Summary

  • Rated as excellent with 5 stars in most categories.
  • Rated as “4 stars” for staff professionalism and customer service, hearing aid suitability, and value for money.

Choosing the right hearing aid provider

Why is it so important?

Finding the right hearing aid provider is one of the most important parts of the hearing aid process.  There are many really good manufacturers in the industry so the difference between a good and bad hearing aid is usually down to the service, fit, and aftercare from your audiologist than the device itself. 

Discovering an audiologist you can trust will ultimately result in the best hearing aid for you, your lifestyle, and your hearing loss.  Without the right professional hearing aid provider offering optimum aftercare – you could end up with the wrong device that you won’t wear.

Our hearing aids are fitted using Real Ear Measurements (REMs) – this is a service only found from select independent practices in the UK.

Performing Real Ear Measurements

What hearing aids do we sell?

Hearing Aid Solutions supplies hearing aids from every single one of the manufacturers, without bias. We have no ties to any brands.  Value for money is more than just getting a bargain, it’s all about the whole package and aftercare you receive that brings value to the client. 

Aftercare is crucial

Hearing aid retailers and providers differ in their service and aftercare – with independents coming out on top.  At Hearing Aid Solutions, we know how important aftercare is and recognise that it plays an integral role in hearing healthcare.  Because of this, we always build strong and trusting relationships with our patients.  We also know that treating all hearing loss the same will not work.

We’re a small family business and we treat all of our clients with the highest level of care possible.

Book a hearing test with your local independent family business today.

Booking an appointment with Hearing Aid Solutions is easy. You can book an appointment directly online, or you can contact us if you’d prefer to speak to someone over phone/email.

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