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Hearing Test


The hearing test consists firstly of a questionnaire to identify case history, priorities and lifestyle requirements. We will then confirm that there are no physical reasons why you are not hearing e.g., wax, perforations or any other referable conditions.

If wax is present, you can now take advantage of our in house wax removal service. We will then proceed to the hearing test, which is carried out in a specially built sound proof room, using inserts and PureTone Audiometry by both Air and Bone conduction.

At this point we have other tests that we may carry out such as Tympanometry. This is used to measure the resistance and performance of the eardrum.

Our new Speech in Noise Test measures and gives us a clear result of how an individual can process sounds in noisy environments. This is critical for those people who find background noise interferes with their perception of speech.

We will then go through and thoroughly explain the results with you of your prescription and any other tests, and answer any questions that you may have.

Martyn performing otoscopy



If we both find that a hearing aid would be beneficial to you, we can demonstrate the latest technology in hearing for you.

A hearing aid trial or demonstration is important because it allows us to fine tune an instrument to your prescription, but it is your reaction to the latest in adaptive digital technologies which we measure.

This is vital, as we demonstrate not only in a quiet environment, but also in the real world outside; so that we can ensure that our hearing aids are fine tuned as best as they can be, individually for you.

Just like an optometrist will try different lenses to get you to see better and focus in your eyesight, we do the same but with the ears, getting you to hear better in different environments.


We would then offer you a choice of manufacturer technology, size, type and shape, and you can decide which type would suit you best, according to your lifestyle, hearing prescription and budget.

If you do not leave with them on the day, they will be custom made especially for you and they will normally take around 1-2 weeks.


Upon fitting we run through checks and real world noises, to ensure everything is comfortable and tuned in for you.

We will discuss rehabilitation / getting used to the hearing aids, how to operate them, housekeeping and ensure you are confident in their use before you leave. This is the first step in your new listening journey.

Our receptionist will then book you in for your follow up rehabilitation visit in about 2 weeks.

Everyone needs time to adjust to sounds. That's why we always start gently and build up your listening skills on your rehab visit. This is your first step to getting used to your new levels of hearing.

During these 2 weeks people would have experienced most environments in which they are likely to find themselves on a regular basis.




We are so confident in our service and products that we offer FREE trials on our hearing aids. You can wear them at home for two weeks for use with your daily routine so you can really hear the difference.



At the second or third follow up visits we can make additional adjustments to fine tune as clients will acclimatise to the hearing aids.

We collect data from the instruments, discuss your experiences and make adjustments according to your needs. The amount of acclimatisation visits vary from person to person according to the way the brain processes new sounds, and their individual lifestyles.

Acclimatisation visits are as important as the hearing aids themselves. The brain needs time to adjust and relearn to hear sounds again. This cannot be rushed, or forced, so we move at your individual pace, and confirm improvements at every follow up visit.

We also contact you 6 monthly for a free check up and cleaning of your hearing system. If our advice or support is needed at any time, you are able to contact us for an appointment, and this aftercare is free of charge for the life of the hearing aids. The hearing aids come with a 2 year comprehensive mechanical breakdown warranty, with the option of extending to 5 years.

Hearing Aid Solutions also offer a Carefree Club which includes breakdown warranty, batteries, sundries, discounts on new aids, and much much more. To find out more and how to become a member, please click here.


Hearing Aid Solutions feels that it is very important to bring someone with you (where possible) when you come for a hearing assessment.

We can use their voice as a guide if we carry out the demonstrations. We can ask them questions about your hearing, which gives us even more background information to help us, to maximise your ability to hear and to stop you straining to hear.

The audiologist can also use their voice as part of our demonstration to confirm improvement and the benefits now gained. Which gives you more confidence to do more things and improve your quality of life.


We are pleased to be able to offer an exceptional "All Brand Repair Service". If your hearing aid requires repair, we are able to assist you, regardless of make or model.


Hearing Aid Solutions stock a wide range of hearing aid batteries to suit all types of hearing aids. If you are unsure of the size you need, why not give us a call or pop in and see if we can help.

Ask us about our Carefree Club which gives special discounts and free batteries.


 Our hearing tests are £35 and without obligation.

You go to the dentist, you go to the optometrist, so don't forget to go to the audiologist!

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